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Apply for a block party permit in the City. (Mayor's Office)

Reagan Park

Five images of the Parks highlighting the RC race track, skate park, baseball diamond, playground and pavilion.


On Weymouth Road


On East Reagan


226 Acres


Baseball Fields (6), Bill Dunn Football Field, Basketball Court (1),  Basketball Courts, Radio-


Controlled Car Track, Sledding Hills, Pavilions (2), Multi-purpose Trails and 


Mountain Bike Trails.


Upper area: Size 27' x 22'; Seating capacity 35 - 45 people


Lower area: Size 40 x 36'; Seating capacity 65 - 75 people


Electricity and Grills are available at both pavilions

Bike Trails

A total of 10.5 miles of mountain bike trails are available at Reagan and Huffman/Cunningham.



Multi-Purpose Trais

Walking / Jogging / Biking Trails along Reagan Parkway and trhoughout the park


Permanent restroom located near ball fields and portable restrooms area 

  throughout the park during the season.

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