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Members of the Administration are appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council. The administration includes 10 departments: Building, Economic Development, Engineering, Fire Depatment, Law Department, Parks Department, Planning and Zoning, Police Department, the Recreation Center, and the Service Department. There are approximately 390 employees. This includes all part-time and seasonal positions.

Members of the Administration

Dennis Hanwell, Mayor 

(330) 722-9020

Sherry Crow, Administrative Office Manager (Mayor's Office) 

(330) 722-9020

Jarrod Fry, General Manager Medina TV 

(330) 636-3455

Jonathan Mendel, Community Development Director 

(330) 722-9023

Kimberly Marshall, Economic Development Director

(330) 764-3319

Patrick Patton, Enginer

 (330) 722-9034

Chief Bob Painter, Fire Department 

(330) 725-1772

Gregory A. Huber, Law Director 

(330) 722-9070

Jansen Wehrley, Parks and Recreation Director 

(330) 721-6950

Chief Edward Kinney, Police Department 

(330) 725-7777 (non-emergency)

Mike Wright, Recreation Center Director 

(330) 721-6916

Nino Piccoli, Service Director  

(330) 722-9082