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Local Economic Agreements

Local Economic Agreements

Currently, the City of Medina has an economic agreement with York Township and is in the process of finalizing a second with Montville Township. The York Township agreement is a Cooperative Economic Development Agreement or CEDA which consistes of 14 parcels of land located along Branch Road and Smith Road containing approximately 273.18 acres. The CEDA agreement with York Township permits annexation of properties without being detached from York Township and the City will not annex any other properties in York Township for the period of the agreement (50 years). The CEDA agreement expands the City's available industrial zoned land by the 273.18 acres more or less based upon the provisions of the agreement. For the maps of the CEDA property, both detailed and in relationship with the industrial zoned properties on Medina , you may click Map 1 - detailed andMap 2 - I-1 Properties. The CEDA agreement may be viewed and printed by going here.
The Montville Township agreement is currently in negotiation and review and will be available on line when voted upon and ratified by the City Council of the City of Medina and Trustees of Montville Township. The agreement with Montville Township is a Joint Economic Development District or JEDD. Tentatively, the agreement calls for the industrial/commercially zoned properties of Montville Township to be part of the JEDD district and the City and Montville would share in the revenue dollars created by the businesses located in the JEDD. Again, more details will follow upon the ratification of the agreement.
For a comparative analysis of a CEDA and JEDD scroll down:  

  CEDA - ORC 701.07 JEDD ORC - 715.72-715.83
Who may enter into Agreement? 1. Municipal Corps. 1. Municipal Corps.
  2. Township(s) 2. Township(s) - Not necessarily contiguous to one another, but max of one intervening muni. corp. or twp. - Creates special purpose district
  3. County/counties w/approval of 1 & 2  
  4. Person or private entity(#10 below)  
  5. State or State Agency - upon approval of Governor & other parties to agreement.  
What can it contain? 1. CEDA area indentified 1. JEDD district identified
  2. Provision of Joint Services/Permanent Improvements in incorporated or unincorporated areas. 2. Property tax revenue in District may be shared.
  3. Provision of services/improvements by municipality in unincorporated areas. 3. JEDD Board may levy an income tax on employees employed and businesses             operating in JEDD & may be shared.
  4. Provision of services/improvements by twp. or county in municipality. 4. If contracting parties have previous utilities contract, modifying that contract may not constitute consideration for signing the JEDD contract.
  5. Service fees from twp./county to municipality 5. Grant tax exemption under Enterprise Zone Law on property in JEDD
  6. Service fees from muni. to twp./county. 6. Cannot include territory with electors residing in it or zoned residential.
  7. Issurance of notes and bonds by either party for purposes in the CEDA.  7. Annexation of territory within JEDD prohibited for three years after contract             signed, and beyond three years if contract specifies. 
   8. Muni. indutrial development notes, bonds, debt obligations for project in unincorporated area. 8. Muni. corp may issue industrial development bonds for projects in JEDD, or in twp. adjacent to the muni. corp 
   9. Agreed territory to be annexed.  
  10. Time specific annexation prohibited.   
  11. Public service, facility or improvement agreements with landowners or developers.   
  12. Apply tax abatement statues in CEDA area   
  13. Change twp. boundaries under ORC 503 to exclude annexed area from old twp. and provide services in area.   
  14. Muni. may earmark to its general fund, a portion of utility charges collected from outside muni. but in CEDA - if the CEDA does not cover annexation matters.   
  15. Payments in lieu of taxes to a twp. from muni.   
  16. Any other matter regarding annexation territory or development.   
Sharing of tax revenue  Muni may NOT share proceeds from tax levies, but such proceeds may be used to make payments authorized under CEDA to Twp.  Expressly permits sharing of property tax revenue for territory within JEDD district             between the township and municipal corporation. 
Public Approval  Public hearing required before entering agreement. open to public for 30 days prior to hearing.  Submitted to electors for vote in some cases. Board's approval of contract subject to referendum. 
Changes  CEDA may be amended at any time in same manner as initially authorized.  May expand area later in same manner as initially authorized, but approval of township electors not required. 

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