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About Us


Medina Fire Department operates as a volunteer, paid-on-call department. With the exception of the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal and Operations Captain, who are full time employees, the 38 other firefighters are paid volunteers, meaning that they respond when an emergency occurs.

Given that most firefighters have other full time jobs, MFD adopted a staffing policy many years ago to ensure that there would always be firefighters ready to respond when called. Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm, three firefighters staff Station 1, making up the duty crew. In addition to being ready to respond to any incident that may arise, the duty crew is tasked with station cleaning, maintenance and equipment checks, as well as conducting training and being present at community and public education events.

Outside our Weekday staffing hours, dispatchers will “tone out” single stations at a time or the whole department based on the size and type of the emergency. Each firefighter has a department-issued pager that goes off and alerts them to the nature of the incident. They then go to their assigned station, put on their protective gear and respond to the scene in a fire truck or support vehicle.

Our Department is composed of 4 stations. Each station has both a Captain and a Lieutenant assigned to it, as well as multiple firefighters. Dispersed amongst the stations are four Engines, two Ladder Trucks, a Heavy Rescue Truck and multiple support vehicles. The apparatus housed in each station varies, please feel free to check out our individual station pages to learn more.

All firefighters are state certified professional firefighters, meaning that they have successfully completed a fire academy to learn how to do their jobs safely and to the highest standards. In addition, many of our firefighters are certified Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics, and all are CPR/AED qualified. By having training in both fire operations and emergency medical services, our members are truly able to respond to any kind of emergency.