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Fitness Class Descriptions



Powered by high-energy music, fun exercises makes it easy to meet your exercise needs by giving you a fun and fantastic workout that will keep you engaged and energized.

(Note: not all classes will be listed in the current program brochure)

B.A.S.IC. Be Aggressive Step Interval Class.  Step it up a notch with this perfect marriage of cardio-interval training.  Burn calories and tone and strengthen muscles.  Bring a water bottle and towel.

Body Fusion This class is the perfect fusion of strength and yoga.  30 minutes will be dedicated to strength training and 20 minutes dedicated to relaxing your body through traditional yoga poses and stretches.  All fitness levels welcome!

Boot Camp Amp up your heart rate and get results. This endurance cardio class using body weight will burn fat.  Increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and build strength, stamina and agility.  Incorporation/introduction to Tabata - High intensity interval training.  Bring a water bottle and towel.

Boot Camp Cycle Build strength and burn calories with this unique marriage of cycle and tabata.  Tabata format - 20 seconds of high-intensity work followed by 10 seconds of recovery - will build strength and burn calories.  Cycle will increase energy and burn fat.  Advanced high intensity class not ideal for beginners.

Cardio Dance Burn up the dance floor and burn calories too in this easy to follow aerobic class!  This class is for all fitness levels - no experience necessary.  High energy workout that will help you increase your level of fitness, drop the pounds and get results while you dance and have fun.

Cycle Core This class is an action packed world class biking experience that ignites optimal caloric output with H.I.T. (High Intensity Training).  Cycling is a perfect means to rev up the day and your metabolism.  Each 40-minute ride is followed by a 15 minute core strength and cool down session.  Bring a towel and water bottle.

Cycle for Life Involve yourself in this complete body workout.  All the elements you need to stay healthy for life are incorporated in this 1 hour and 15 minute class.  35 minutes of cycling and 40 minutes to work on muscle conditioning and yoga for relaxation and stress reduction.  This class will combine a cardiovascular workout for your heart, muscle conditioning to maintain healthy bones and flexibility to keep your body strong.

Deep Water Join us for a nonimpact activity using the natural resistance of the water that will give you a terrific all over conditioning workout with great aerobic and toning benefits.  Participants will use flotation equipment, however, you should feel comfortable in deep water.

Energy Zone Spinning A cycling experience designed to improve efficiency and increase energy for the rest of the day.  This threshold training style will help to lose body fat and increase aerobic capacity.  Bring a towel and water bottle to class.

Kettlebell Kettlebells are an amazing tool for exercise because they work and strengthen every muscle in the body while also providing a great cardiovascular and resistance workout.  Experience the strength, power, endurance and conditioning found in Kettlebell training.  Equipment sponsored by Medina Hospital a Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

Mind Body Yoga An exploration of Yoga postures connecting them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness.  Class is therapeutic in nature and you will improve flexibility, strength and balance while immersing yourself in relaxation.  Perfect for stress relief and overall wellbeing helping you to unwind and bring balance to your mind and body.

New Day Spin Start your day, week and year with energy and accomplishment.  This low impact, high fat burning workout will increase your endurance and strength. Everyone rides together but at your own level based on your unique energy and fitness level.  Bring a towel and water bottle to class.

Pilates Develop core strength and coordination.  Improve your flexibility, posture and body awareness through traditional Pilates movement patterns with the use of breath and correct alignment.  You will feel a difference in your posture and overall toning with every class.

Power Core & Pilates Pilates based workout for extreme toning.  Builds strength and balance with a focus on core muscle conditioning.

Power Pilates All major muscle groups will be challenged and conditioned during this class.  You will increase strength and flexibility while creating long, lean muscles.  Exercises are new and specific with soothing music to assist with flowing movements, breath work and overall harmony.  As in all genuine Pilates and Yoga formats, core strength and back support will be emphasized.

Rise & Shine Yoga Start your day with a stretch.  Improve your health and overall well-being through gentle stretches and restorative breathing.  Develop your flexibility, strength and balance while harmonizing your mind with your body.  Obtain the calmness, patience and positive outlook needed to get you through the day.  Mats are provided.

Russian-Style Kettlebell Kettle is the simplest and best tool for building strength, reducing body fat and improving aerobic capacity and flexibility.  Designed so that people of all fitness levels can learn the most effective and safe way to learn Kettlebell.  Each participant will select a light, medium and heavier kettlebell based on their strength and fitness level.  Technique will be stressed and multiple core muscle groups will benefit.  Classes are set up to be both challenging and fun.

Schwinn Cycle Burn This is the most renowned cycling program on the planet and will burn more calories than any other workout.  Send your energy levels soaring!  Arrive 5 minutes early for proper bike fit.  Bring lots of water and a towel.

Spin/Kettle Fusion Spinning is a fun, low impact, high calorie burning group exercise class that builds aerobic capacity and muscular endurance.  All fitness levels can enjoy the same ride by adjusting resistance and movement to suit your own ability.  Kettlebell is a full body exercise experience, a different kind of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness: endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance.  A challenging yet fun class.

Strength & Tone Beginner to intermediate class.  Low to no impact with plenty of mat and floor work.  Variety of equipment used.

Tai Chi Tai Chi is a slow, gentle range of motion activity that can be done standing or sitting to help increase balance, flexibility, and boost brain activity and the immune system.  No additional equipment needed.  Sign up today!

The Mix Cardio strength conditioning class that changes locations (track, field house, aerobic room) week to week to allow variety to your workout.

Thighs, Butts & Guts Plus This results-oriented class will burn fat and simultaneously tone the entire body zooming in on the trouble zones.  Burn and firm with variable resistance training and standing leg work.  All equipment provided.

Total Body Circuit Mix Circuit training is for everyone!  Burn fat, tone muscles, increase metabolism and build a healthier heart.  Men and women benefit from aerobic, anaerobic and muscular endurance exercises that keep your heart pumping strong. All fitness levels welcome.

Total Toning Create visible muscle tone with this unique marriage of sweat and strength.  This class no only targets the trouble zones, but it also includes a fabulous upper body makeover - TOTAL BODY TONING.  Your body will receive a superb cardio and muscle conditioning workout which will be simple to follow.

Water Fitness Water exercise offers a low to no impact resistance workout and is great for all ages.  This class provides improvments in cardiovascular endurance, range of motion, flexibility, balance and stability.  This shallow water class will be held in 4 to 5 feet of water and is set to music designed to energize.

Women on Weights No-nonsense class will target those trouble zones for Women!  This class is ideal for metabolism boosting.  All equipment provided and held in the aerobics room.

Yoga Do something special for yourself with this mental relaxation Yoga class.  Unwind with gentle stretches and restorative breathing while learning relaxation techniques that will help you through the week.  Create balance in your life and body through the development of strength, flexibility and posture.  De-stress your mind and body during this 45 minute class - you owe it to yourself!  Please wear comfortable clothing.  Yoga mats provided. 

Yogalates The perfect fusion of two tried and true exercises.....Yoga and Pilates.  Yogalates is designed to strengthen both the mind and the body through the combination of poses and exercises.  Yoga focuses on flexibility, balance and relaxation while Pilates focuses on strengthening the core and better body alignment.  Bring a towel and water bottle to each class.  Mats are provided.

Yoga Core A total body Yoga and ab workout which will result in a strong, sculpted mid-section and long, lean muscles from head to toe.  This all in one stretch and sculpt workout will also improve your balance and flexibility.  After a series of standing and seated yoga flows, extra emphasis will be placed on the abdominals.  A variety of equipment will be used.

Yoga Cycle Ideal class for a new rider or to enhance your cardio stretch routine.  30 minutes of endurance cycling followed by 25 minutes of Yoga.  Bring a water bottle.

Yoga Flow Perfect mid-day yoga class to help relax and unwind.  Stretches and breathing will strengthen and tone your body and de-stress your mind.  Wear comfortable clothing.  Mats provided.

Zumba Zumba features aerobic and interval training combined with easy to follow dance moves.  This Latin inspired dance fitness class uses a variety of routines to sculpt and tone the entire body.  You will burn serious fat and calories in class.  Exercise doesn't have to feel like work, so let's get dancing!

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