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Code of Conduct

Patron Disciplinary Policy
The MCRC is a facility operating for the benefit of the City of Medina community patrons. Patrons are expected to join the staff in promoting a pleasant recreational environment. Patrons are asked to use mature judgment in choosing actions, clothing, language and be sensitive to the message it delivers to other patrons. Patrons should respect the rights of others and are encouraged to display good sportsmanship so that participation in all activities is enjoyable and safe. The behavior of a patron must not disrupt the experience of others. All problems should be reported immediately to the Manager on Duty. 
Rules and policies are posted and/or distributed to all MCRC users. The authority to enforce these policies is vested in the MCRC Staff and Administrative personnel responsible for facilities and programs. Violations of rules, malicious use or defacing of property, solicitation, verbal abuse, or other violations of the MCRC will not be tolerated. The MCRC Administrative Staff reserves the right to make discretionary adjustment to disciplinary action depending on the circumstances which may include suspension or revoking patron privileges. Patron disciplinary policies will be enforced.
Unacceptable Conduct
Discipline is necessary when any patron exhibits unacceptable conduct. Some examples of unacceptable conduct are:
•       Abuse or intentional misuse of MCRC equipment and properties
•       Abusive or foul language
•       Activity inappropriate for a family oriented public facility
•       Disregarding MCRC rules and policies
•       Engaging in dangerous activity
•       Fighting or threatening harm to others
•       Lack of respect for the MCRC staff i.e. ignored request, intimidation, verbal threats, physical threats, etc.
•       Lack of respect for other members and/or patrons
•       Misuse of an MCRC membership ID card
•       Non-payment of MCRC membership, program or service fees
•       Sexual Harassment
•       Solicitation
•       Theft
•       Use of alcohol, non-prescription drugs, tobacco
•       Vandalism
Patron Suspension
Suspension for the above problems will be decided by the MCRC Manager on a case-by-case basis. The nature and seriousness of the offense will determine the suspension. Refunds will not be granted for suspensions due to disciplinary problems.
Member Guests
Members are required to enter and exit the facility with all guests signed in under their membership. Guests are expected to follow all MCRC rules and regulations. Disciplinary procedures will be enforced in the same manner as for membership patrons. If discipline is necessary for a guest of the facility because of a violation that typically results in ejection from the facility and/or suspension, the member will be held responsible and will serve the penalty enforced. In other words, if a guest exhibits unacceptable conduct that warrants suspension for one week from the MCRC, the member will serve the suspension as well. If a guest loses or damages equipment, the member must pay to replace the lost or damaged equipment. In addition, the member’s guest privileges may be revoked or suspended.
Gaining Access
Upon entering the MCRC, all patrons 3 years and older are required to check in at the Front Desk and have their membership ID card scanned in order to gain admittance. A daily pass or guest pass can be purchased for those who do not have an annual membership. 
ID Verification
All members are required to have their membership ID card or other form of ID (receipt or hand stamp) available to show any MCRC staff member at all times while in the MCRC. 
Non-Member Entrance
Any Non-Member participating in a program at the MCRC or wishing to tour the facility must sign in at the Front Desk. 
Facility Age Restrictions
Ages 3-7: Must be directly supervised by an adult at all times unless the child is participating in a MCRC program
Ages 8-10: Must be accompanied by an adult to the MCRC and the adult must remain in the facility at ALL times unless the child is participating in a MCRC sponsored program
Ages 11+: May enter the facility independently at any time

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