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Rascal Room (Temporary Closed)

The Rascal Room is dedicated to providing a quality child care alternative for MCRC patrons while they are utilizing the facility or participating in a program or activity housed in the MCRC.  Children 6 months to 8 years will enjoy a safe and fun environment while parents/guardians pursue recreational opportunities. The Rascal Room is equipped with toys and activies for children of all ages and interests including: puzzles, books, Legos, building blocks, board games, crafts and more. There is also an outdoor playground attached to the Rascal Room, which is utilized during the warmer months. Appointments can be booked for up to two hours at a time. To book an appointment call 330.721.6930. 


In order to assure space availability, advanced appointments are highly recommended. Appointments may be made up to 2 weeks in advance by calling or stopping by the Rascal Room during operating hours. During non-operating hours, the Front Desk will take appointments.

Rascal Room Policies

The Rascal Room can accommodate only 2 children at any one time that are 18 months and under. 

Appointments will be held for 5 minutes past the scheduled time, after which that space will be made available to other potential users.

Cancellations must be made a 1/2 hour in advance or it will be considered a “no show.”  Each “no show” will be kept on file and excessive “no shows” may result in a suspension or loss of Rascal Room privileges. Drop in appointments will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, if space is available.  

The MCRC reserves the right to close the Rascal Room when advanced appointments have not been made that require the facility to remain open. 

Check In and Check Out Procedures

Before utilizing the Rascal Room, parents/guardians must complete a Parent/Guardian Contract and Waiver and an Emergency Procedure Form for each child. These forms are included in this packet and must be submitted upon the first visit to the Rascal Room. Please allocate at least 10-15 minutes for a brief orientation to the Rascal Room on your first visit.

Upon each arrival, parents/guardians must complete the Rascal Room Check In/Out Sheet with information such as: child’s name, time in, parent/guardian name, anticipated location in the facility, and pick up time.  A wristband will be attached to both the child and the parent/guardian at the door. Wristbands will have corresponding numbers for the parent and the child. Wristbands must remain on both the child and the parent for the duration of each visit. Only the parent/guardian with the wristband will be able to pick the child up. Parents/guardians may be required to show proper photo ID when checking in or signing out the child. 

Fees & Punch Cards

Patrons have the option of paying per visit or purchasing a 10 hour punch card (1/2 hour increments).  Fees can be paid by cash, check, credit card (Mastercard/Visa), or money order.  The per visit fee is $6 for members and $8 for non-members.  Fees are based on the membership status of the parent/guardian at the time of purchase.

Punch cards are available for purchase at the Front Desk. Punch cards offer the flexibility of half-hour increments with a maximum of 2 hours for each visit. Each “punch” equals one half hour of service per child. Once purchased, the punch card is the sole responsibility of the card holder.  Patrons must present their punch card upon each visit to the Rascal Room. Punch cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase and are non-refundable.

20 Punch Member Card                   $27

20 Punch Non-Member Card           $37

General Rules

The following rules must be followed to ensure the safety and effective operation of the Rascal Room. Failure to comply with the rules outlined below may result in the loss or suspension of Rascal Room privileges.

Parents/guardians must remain in the MCRC while the child is in the Rascal Room.

Children with a contagious illness or a fever are not permitted to use the room.  In order to prevent the spread of germs, the staff of the MCRC reserves the right to deny usage of the room if a child appears to be sick.

Parents should bring carriers for children that are not walking yet. 

The MCRC Staff reserves the right to suspend Rascal Room services to any child for unruly/disturbing behavior (hitting, biting, uncontrollable crying, etc.)  That determination is made by the Rascal Room Staff and no refunds will be granted.

Only the MCRC Staff and the parent/guardian who is checking the child in/out are permitted in the Rascal Room.

There is a 2 hour maximum time limit per visit.  For every 1-15 minute period over the scheduled pick up time there will be a late fee charge of $5. 

Upon arrival, parents/guardians should attend to the child’s bathroom/diaper needs.  The Rascal Room Staff will not be responsible for changing diapers or assisting with bathroom needs other than snaps and buttons.

The Rascal Room Staff may not at any time dispense medication.

Only comfort toys (blankets or stuffed animals) are permitted in the Rascal Room. Small objects which may cause a choking hazard will not be permitted.  Any personal belongings that are brought into the room must be properly labeled with the child’s name. 

Food and/or beverages will only be allowed in the Rascal Room with special permission of the staff. Snacks must be small items such as crackers, cereal, pretzels, etc. All items must be labeled and contained in unbreakable, spill proof containers. Bottles will not be permitted. 

Rascal Room Staff will page parents if a child becomes ill, cries for an extended period of time, or has a bathroom accident.

*Please note all monetary transactions are now taking place at our front desk. Please purchase your punchcards up front.*  No babysitter? No problem! 

Rascal Room Hours

The Rascal Room may close up to 1 hour earlier if no appointments are scheduled


Monday-Saturday   8:30am-12:30pm

Monday-Thursday   4:30pm-7:30pm

*unless posted otherwise


Rascal Room 330-721-6930

Steve Frantz

Program Manager



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