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Fitness Classes & Personal Trainers

We are running a January Fitness Challenge here at the Medina Rec! Workout 15 times in January and recieve a FREE Aerobics Flex Pass for February. Sign up here:

Being physically and mentally fit and healthy adds to your quality of life. MCRC offers fitness classes, fitness machines, free weights, a walking/jogging track and the assistance of certified fitness trainers to help you achieve and maintain your wellness. Variety of classes are conducted to meet any and every fitness level.

Multiple Enrollment Options Available
  • A Drop-In option allows a per class purchase on the day of class. $8/Member, $10/Non-member
  • Purchase a 5-class punch card that can be used for any land aerobics class and the Arthritis Aquatics class Punch cards do not expire. Member: $20, Non-member: $35
  • Flex Pass (see info below) includes unlimited entry for MCRC members and non-members into aerobics classes all month long. $48/members, $71/non-members. Full 4-month Session Flex Passes are available for $170/members, $255/non-members



For current days and times for these classes, check the Program Brochure. (Note: not all classes will be listed in the current program brochure)

Adaptive Yoga  Instruction provides a safe envireonment to explore yoga forms using props to develope one's own practice, while exploring brathing and meditation. Chairs are used. Stability shoes or tennis shoes and towels are encouraged.

Boot Camp Amp up your heart rate and get results. This endurance cardio class using body weight will burn fat.  Increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and build strength, stamina and agility. Bring a water bottle and towel.

Cardio Circuit  This results-oriented class will burn fat and simultaneously tone the entire body zooming in on the trouble zones. Burn and firm with bursts of cardio and strength training throughout. All equipment provided. Designed to be fun, high energy, and a real calorie burning class.

Cardio Kickboxing Ultimate cardio workout that will increase stamina, flexibility and strength while conditioning and toning. A high impact, high energy, full body workout that incorporates elements of boxing, martial arts and aerobics.

Combo Strength  Full body strength training using a variety of equipment for compound exercises, maximizing the efficiency of your time with us! Moderate intensity with multiple modifications provided for various fitness levels and limitations.

Deep Stretching  Learn and apply techniques in assisted stretching, soft tissue release, and self massage. Promotes muscle recovery, restoration of muscular balance, and increased range of motion.

Express Interval  This 45 minute class will incorporate all 3 elements of fitness: cardio, strength and flexibility. Leave class with a well rounded workout in 45 minutes.

EXRX  Exercise prescription, a functional strength training class, uses minimal equpment and provides several levels of resistance and modifications for multiple fitness capabilities. Class is designed to be repeated atain at home. Beginner to intermediate level.

Fit for Yoga  Gain strength and length in this fitness-focused yoga practice. Blends various styles of Hatha Yoga with traditional functional strength repetitions and holds. All levels welcome!

HIIT  High Intensity Interval Training - alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Speed up your metabolism and burn more calories. Serious reduction in total body fat. Improve your energy and endurance and reap the benefits long after your workout ends.

Interval Express A 45-minute fast paced class combining Boot Camp and HIIT. Intervals will vary from lower body to cardio, core to arms. High intensity to get a great workout in fast!

Mat-Barre  A low impact sculpting class that incorporates functional mat work as well as ballet-inspired fitness conditioning.

Pound® High Intensity Interval workout Incorporates rhythmic movements to pound as you sweat. Includes upbeat music and high energy drumming.

Power Core  Condition and challenge all major muscle groups in this class. Increase strength & flexibility while creating long, lean muscles. Soothing music assists in mind-body harmony. Emphasizing core strength and back support.

Power Yoga  A Hatha Yoga practice concentrating on physical and mental health using Yoga postures and breathing techniques. It will invigorate and challenge your practice while offering modifications as you grow into your form. A perfect midday addition to your routine. Blocks, mats, and straps are available.

Schwinn Cycle Burn This is the most renowned cycling program on the planet and will burn more calories than any other workout.  Send your energy levels soaring!  Arrive 5 minutes early for proper bike fit.  Bring lots of water and a towel.

Slow Flow Yoga  This strength and length yoga practice will challenge your muscular strength as well as encourage increased range of motion and muscular balance. Modificatios available for all levels and special needs.

Spin/Kettlebell Fusion Spinning is a fun, low impact, high calorie burning group exercise class that builds aerobic capacity and muscular endurance.  All fitness levels can enjoy the same ride by adjusting resistance and movement to suit your own ability.  Kettlebell is a full body exercise experience, a different kind of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness: endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance.  A challenging yet fun class.

Strength & Tone Beginner to intermediate class.  Low to no impact with plenty of mat and floor work.  Variety of equipment used.

Strong by Zumba® Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. Combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music specifically designed to match every single move. You'll burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes. Always changing to challenge your body to the max!

Tai Chi Tai Chi is a slow, gentle range of motion activity that can be done standing or sitting to help increase balance, flexibility, and boost brain activity and the immune system.  No additional equipment needed.  Sign up today!

Total Interval Training  This intense fast paced class moves from upper to lower body exercises intermixed with intervals of cardio and complete core work. Expect to be challenged. Equipment varies weekly. Class level: intermediate to advanced. Modifications will be shown.

Total Toning Create visible muscle tone with this unique marriage of sweat and strength.  This class no only targets the trouble zones, but it also includes a fabulous upper body makeover - TOTAL BODY TONING.  Your body will receive a superb cardio and muscle conditioning workout which will be simple to follow.

Women on Weights No-nonsense class will target those trouble zones for Women!  This class is ideal for metabolism boosting.  All equipment provided and held in the aerobics room.

Yoga Do something special for yourself with this mental relaxation Yoga class.  Unwind with gentle stretches and restorative breathing while learning relaxation techniques that will help you through the week.  Create balance in your life and body through the development of strength, flexibility and posture.  De-stress your mind and body during this 45 minute class - you owe it to yourself!  Please wear comfortable clothing.  Yoga mats provided. 

Yoga Fit  Gain strength and length in this fitness-focused yoga practice. Blends various styles of Hatha Yoga with traditional functional strength repetitions and holds. All levels welcome!

Yoga/Pilates Mix The perfect fusion of two tried and true exercises.....Yoga and Pilates. Yogalates is designed to strengthen both the mind and the body through the combination of poses and exercises.  Yoga focuses on flexibility, balance and relaxation while Pilates focuses on strengthening the core and better body alignment.  Bring a towel and water bottle to each class.  Mats are provided.

Zumba® features aerobic and interval training combined with easy to follow dance moves.  This Latin inspired dance fitness class uses a variety of routines to sculpt and tone the entire body.  You will burn serious fat and calories in class.  Exercise doesn't have to feel like work, so let's get dancing!


  • Classes are noncompetitive, designed for men & women ages 15 & up. All shapes, sizes and fitness levels welcome.
  • Classes are set to tasteful music & include a warm-up, workout & cool-down.
  • Children may not attend class. Please utilize the Rascal Room.
  • Classes & instructors are subject to change based on enrollment.
  • All classes start & end on time.
  • All classes are first-come, first-serve. Limitations are based on room size and/or equipment and are left to the discretion of the instructor. Classes are subject to class minimums and maximums.
  • Keep yourself hydrated when exercising. Water bottles are permitted—no other food or drink is allowed.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes with good support.
  • The program department reserves the right to temporarily or permanently cancel any classes based on low attendance or other reasons not specified.


Purchase per-class passes on the day of the class. Front Desk will issue class pass card to give to instructor.

Members: $8 Non-Members: $10


The MCRC is always looking for certified quality instructors.

Please submit current resume, including valid certifications, along with schedule availabilty to the Progra Manager anytime.


Certified Personal Trainers are available for any member interested in a more intensive, personalized, exercise programs. Our trainers make it their top priority to create a custom plan to help their clients reach their fitness goals. Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned veteran, our personal trainers can guide you through safe, effective strength and cardio workouts to help you achieve your goals.

Interested in Personal Trainers? Checkout our Personal Trainer Profile Sheet.
Should you have any questions about the MCRC Personal Trainer Program, contact Steve Frantz.


Steve Frantz
Program Manager

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