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The Medina Fire Department consists of three stations housing three fire engines, two aerial ladder trucks, one heavy rescue truck and several cars and light trucks.
Station #1 is the main station where the fire chief, fire marshal and clerk are staffed Monday-Friday during normal business hours.  
The garage bay is shared with The Medina County Technical Recue trailor and a Medina LST ambulance.  The remainder of the building is taken up by a communication center/watchroom, offices, a classroom and storage rooms.  We often have community events such as blood drives and voting held at this station.  Station #1 is staffed by three State of Ohio Licensed Professional Firefighters 7am-3pm, Monday - Friday and supplemented by "on-call" personnel as needed. 
Our firefighters are also trained as emergency first responders and are skilled in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator) procedures.  Many are also Paramedic or EMT-B certified.  During the staffing period, personnel are not only responsible for prompt and professional response to emergency and non-emergency “calls”, but also conduct vehicle and equipment inspections, fire training, hose testing, building and grounds maintenance, and assist in the many department special programs serving the general public. 
After staffing hours, the entire department is "on-call", ready to respond when needed.  A department issued pager alerts the firefighters when an emergency occurs and to respond to their respective stations.  The members of the Medina Fire Department also attend regularly scheduled training sessions and participate in many emergency drills to keep their skills and knowledge current to the progressive and rapidly changing technology of the fire service.
Chief Bob Painter
Office: (330) 725-1772 

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