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Welcome to our website. The members of this department and I are committed to the community policing philosphy and to serving you. This philosophy drives nearly all of the activities we are involved in. Community Policing is proactive problem solving policing that puts our officers in direct contact with citizens on a daily basis.

We believe policing of our city is a shared effort between the police department and the citizens we serve. As a result, we have had great success in reducing crime and improving the quality of life of people in our community. We look forward to continuing our service. Take a minute and explore our site to learn more about us.

We have inlcuded various links for your convenience such as On Line Accident Reports where you can download your accident report from your own computer rather than come to the police department.

The police FACEBOOK page also has a link so you can stay informed about everything from fugitives to raod conditions and a lot more.

Many of you have asked for the link to Registered Sex Offenders living in the community so we have provided one.

Finally, you'll learn about our partnerships, our volunteers and the officers of our department. I hope you will enjoy your time with us. Thank you for your time. Stay safe.

My best regards;

Patrick J. Berarducci

Chief of Police



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