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Leaf Program

Leaf Program

There are two options provided by the City of Medina for leaf pickup:

1. BAG LEAVES - you may bag your leaves. The bags will be picked up every week with your rubbish on your designated rubbish pickup day.

2. RAKE LEAVES TO THE CURB - You may rake your leaves to the tree lawn along the curb for pickup by the City's leaf suction equipment. Please note this is not a weekly pickup. Raked leaves are picked up by zones as described below.

To assist the crews picking up the raked leaves, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Leaves should be placed on your tree lawn within four (4) feet of the curb. If you do not have a tree lawn, put them out as close to the city sidewalk as possible. Do not mix brush, grass or rubbish in with the raked leaves. Brush should be put out with your rubbish on your designated rubbish pickup day.
  • Please do not rake leaves into the street
  • In accordance to the City of Medina's Codified Ordinance 311.01 (f), "No person, homeowner or resident, individually or through their agent, contractor or representative, shall blow, deposit, place or throw any yard waste, including but not limited to leaves, grass and/or grass clipping upon any street, highway, or ally" (Ord. 179-03, passed 10/27/2003)

In order for the curb leaf pickup to operate more effectively, the City has been divided into four zones. Click HERE for the zone map and daily update during the leaf pickup season.

Streets will be picked up one time in each zone before the crew advances to the next zone. Zones will be picked up in the following order:

Zone 1: includes all streets WEST of North Court Street and NORTH of (and including) West Liberty Street

Zone 2: includes all streets EAST of (and including) North Court Street and ABOVE East Liberty Street and Weymouth Road

Zone 3: Includes all streets BELOW (and including) East Liberty Street and Weymouth Road and EAST of South Court Street

Zone 4: Includes all streets SOUTH of West Liberty Street and WEST of (and including) South Court Street


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