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Licenses and Permits


Building Department

Contractor Registration Submittal Requirements for Residential Projects
Building Permit Submittal Requirements for Commercial Projects
Electrical Permit Swimming Pool Requirements
HVAC Permit Accessory Building Requirements
Demolition Permit Before You Dig
Fence Permit Fee Schedule
Fire Suppression and Alarm Permit Roof Guidelines
OBC Plan Review Complaint
Certificate of Occupancy   
Board of Building Code Appeals  
Sign (Permanent)  
Sign (Temporary)  
Foreclosure Registration  


Civil Service Department  
Civil Service Application  
Economic Development  
CRA Application (Property Tax Abatement) Job Creation Grant Ordinance
Job Creation Grant Application  
Special Hauling Permit Ditch Enclosure Permit 
Grading Permit Application  Pond Permit 
Road Opening Permit  Special Hauling Permit Information 
General Government  
Sunshine Laws City of Medina Ordinances
Public Record Policy  Comprehensive Plan 
City Charter  Strategic Plan
Mayor's Office  
Uptown Park Permit  
Block Party Permit  
Parade Permit  
Parks & Recreation  
Parks Location Map   
Planning & Zoning  
Design Guidelines Planning and Zoning Code
Development Handbook  Boards & Commissions Submittal Packet
Sign Permit  Fence Permit
Temporary Sign Permit
Police Department  
Solicitor's Permit Requirements Request to Void Parking Ticket
Permission Agreement Vacation Watch Forms 
Service Department  

Utility Locate Request


Service Office

(330) 722-9081