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Leaf Program


Please be advised we are using the same Leaf Program as last season

Street crews will perform the annual Curbside Leaf Collection Program beginning the week of October 16, 2017. The City will be divided into two zones, north and south with Smith Road as the dividing line. (If you are on the north side of Smith Road, you will be in the north zone. If you are on the south side of Smith Road you will be in the south zone)

Each zone will have a dedicated truck with the third truck floating between the two zones to accomodate the large volumes.

As in years past, we encourage residents to rake leaves to the curb as soon as possible so our crews can collect the piles before the weather turns too cold to do so.

DO NOT allow children to play in leaves on or near the street

DO NOT place branches or any other debris in the street

DO NOT rake leaves into the street or you will be subject to a fine (Ord. 311-01)

DO NOT park vehicles on the street in front of leaf piles during the leaf program

DO NOT park vehicles over leaves. The heat from the underside of the vehicle may cause a fire

To view the most current leaf pick-up map, please go back to the home page.  The map is an item under "Medina News" and will be updated frequently.

Please be reminded that once the leaf crews have gone by your house, in an effort to maintain efficient scheduling, we cannot accomodate requests for returns until the next scheduled pick-up. As in year past, the Leaf Program will continue weather permitting as the ice and snow will damage vacuum equipment.

Cooperation from every resident is essential for the program's success.

For additional information please call (330) 725-LEAF

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